Shopify Zoho Books Sync Issues? Common Problems & Solutions

Troubleshooting Your Shopify Zoho Books Integration: Common Issues and Solutions

Orders Not Syncing?

  1. The cron runs every 1 hour. Please wait for 1 hour before checking Zoho Books to ensure that the invoices are synced.
  2. GST settings are exclusive to Indian businesses. Please turn it off if your business is in another country.
  3. Use the same Tax name in your Zoho Books settings as well as in Shopify

Why aren't my old orders (older than 60 days) syncing to Zoho Books?

Due to Shopify's API limitations, orders older than 60 days cannot be retrieved and synced with Zoho Books. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I don't see an option to sync sales orders. Is this available?

Sales order syncing may not be included in your current plan. Please review your plan details or contact our support team to inquire about upgrading to a plan that supports this feature.

I'm getting an error message "Specify either a Tax or Tax Exemption" when syncing orders. How do I fix this?

This error usually occurs due to one of the two reasons:
  1. No Tax Exemption in Zoho Books: Ensure you have set up tax exemptions in Zoho Books if you have tax-exempt customers.
  2. No Default Tax in the App: Make sure you've configured a default tax rate within the app settings.

Can I automatically send customer invoices via email after they sync to Zoho Books?

To enable this feature,
  1. Go to the Settings page and set "Send Email With Invoice" to YES.
  2. You can customize the email template in your Zoho Books settings.

How do I sync the Zoho Books "Items" along with the "Orders"?

You have a few options to ensure your items sync correctly:

  1. Item Name as the Key: If you've set "Item Name" as the primary identifier in your app settings, we'll match your Shopify product names with those in Zoho Books. If we can't find a match, we'll create a new item in Zoho Books. 

  2. SKU as the Key: If you use "SKU" as your primary identifier, we'll match your Shopify product SKUs with those in Zoho Books. If we can't find a match, we'll create a new item.

      • Important: This option requires unique SKUs for every product variant in both Shopify and Zoho Books. Also, if an old order is missing an SKU, the corresponding invoice won't sync.
      • Allowing Duplicate Item Names: If you enable this setting, we'll always use the SKU for matching items, even if you have duplicate item names. 
  3. Manual Entry: If neither of the above works, you can manually add the Zoho Books Item ID (found in the Zoho Books Item URL) to each of your Shopify products within the app. 

Error: You cannot proceed when the Invoice Number field is blank.

To fix this, you need to enable automatic invoice number generation:

  1. Go to the "New Invoice" page.
  2. Find the "Invoice Number" field.
  3. Click the gear icon next to it.
  4. Select "Continue auto-generating invoice numbers" and click "Save." 

Error: Tax information is required since the customer doesn't have any.

Here's how to resolve this:

  1. Create Tax Authorities: If you haven't set up any tax authorities, go to "Settings" -> "Taxes" -> "Tax Authorities."
  2. Create a 0% Tax Rate: Go to "Settings" -> "Taxes" -> "Tax Rates" and click the "+ New Tax" button to create your first tax rate at 0%.

Still didn't work? Submit a support ticket at


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